Who We Are: Nick

Hello everyone!! We wanted to take some time and outline (in more detail) who we are, and share a little more about our lives, and what we hope to accomplish with this blog (and hopefully one day a podcast)!! We hope you enjoy, and find that we all share a common ground in this life: A desperate need for a savior! 

Nick's Story:

I guess ill start from way, way back. I was born in Yulee FL - my dad was in the military - and then when I was 2 my parents got divorced, (unfortunately), but that event led my mom and I to move to Connecticut to be around her family. After dating a few eligible bachelors, one of them finally stole my mom's heart, and he became my step daddy, his name is Joe. Then because of work and other factors, we moved to Pittsburgh PA where all of his family lived! I awkwardly started at my new school, in Pittsburgh, at the end of 7th grade as a short, fat kid with no friends going into the summer. Super BUMMER!! Anyway, when 8th grade came around I met this cute girl named Karlie, and she had braces and liked to drool a lot (*spoiler alert*, she became my wife...yes, I married a drooler, and she still drools on me sometimes). So we dated for about a week until she made the worst mistake of her life and broke up with me (but obviously she realized what she was missing). 8th grade passed, and I went through high school getting into all kinds of trouble, doing all the stupid things that high school boys do: rock & roll band, late nights, girls, drugs, pranks, cops and a whole lot more. Im surprised my mom and step dad even still talk to me! But looking back it is obvious that God had a course for my life that He was unrelenting about. Anyway, in 12th grade Karlie and I got back together in a study hall. I lied to her and said that the guy that was shredding on guitar on this song we were listening to was me, because I really wanted her to like me! But before long the truth came out, that I'm not that good at guitar, and we fell in love! Near the end of my senior year in high school I enlisted in the Navy, and was scheduled to leave the following December. Karlie and I decided that we were going to do the long-distance thing, while I was away at boot camp and follow on training. Anyway, short story long, Karlie and I got engaged, and then married on August 6th, 2010. Karlie moved to Georgia with me and then two wretched, unsaved sinners got to start their lives together!! YAY!!! In April 2011 I arrived for the first time to the Submarine that I would work on for the next four years, the USS Tennessee! It was on this submarine, that I met the person who would change my life forever (besides my wife) and he become my best friend, trustworthy support, and theological peer...ROB SMITH!! Yeah, the same guy I'm doing this blog with!!! Rob was this tatted guy who was always happy and excited to be at work, and beep bopped everywhere he went! Rob also shared the gospel everyday, and everywhere, to everybody! Needless to say, he annoyed the crud outta me!! After a couple years had gone by, and after I had returned from a deployment, I was sitting on the floor within the submarine, and I had an overwhelming sense of worthlessness, and temporality. I had an overwhelming sense that all was useless and pointless, and of no value because everything would end one day, either by my own doing, or by the simply passing of time. And wouldn't you know it, here comes Rob, beep bopping down the hall way, and he sat beside me, and asked me what was bothering me. I told him, and he began to tell me the good news, the gospel. That day the Lord quickened my heart, regenerated me, and gave me the desire and ability to put my faith in Him, and be Justified!! That day - because of my best friend, and our sovereign Lord - my life changed forever! Rob was at that moment my best friend! Less than a week later, I told him that I had a strong desire to be a pastor, to shepherd God's people, and proclaim the word of the Lord among them! I knew NOTHING about the bible and nearly NOTHING about God, so I reasoned that, that desire could have come only from the Lord! After that I knew I needed training to know more about the bible and know more about God, so I began to go to college to get my bachelors in Christian Counseling. I will be finished with my bachelors christmas 2017 and soon after my bachelors is complete, I will begin working toward my Masters In Divinity from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh. 

*I'll talk about how I came to embrace reformed theology in a future post*

Within the last 3 years, my wife and I, have had two amazing and beautiful boys, Isaac James, and Everett Isaiah. We have had our ups and downs, and a uniquely rough road during our marriage. But through all the difficult parts, and all the joyful moments, we have been able to rejoice in our King and the grace that He has supplied to us. We have been brought low, and have been in tremendous weakness, but in that reality, we have been shown the true power of the gospel, and the mercy and lovingkindness of our God! We have seen the great necessity in hoping and living only for Jesus, and that all other endeavors are of no value apart from being done out of faith in Christ. Our marriage has been brought into a new light in seeing the value and significance of marriage, and the covenant that her and I have made to God on behalf of one another. 

With this blog (and hopefully future podcast) it is my deep desire to be as influential as God will allow. I want Christians to be encouraged and their minds illumined, and hearts strengthened in the infinitely deep and endlessly magnificent Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!! I don't care for fame or acknowledgement, but only influence. I am a layman, who loves the Lord, theology, scripture, reading, teaching, helping, evangelizing, and sharing what it is the Lord has opened my eyes to. I hope to learn and grow from this as much as I desire to help others grow and learn. This blog is for the glory of God alone!


Nick Muyres

Hello everyone, my name is Nick. I have been a Christian for about 5 years, so while I am not one with a story of a young conversion, God saved me exactly when He pleased to. In recent years I have taken fully, and completely to reformed theology, being presbyterian, the Westminster standards, the historic confessions, the creeds and all that go with it! The veil of being the center of the universe, the gospel, and deciding factor of my salvation has been lifted, and it is absolutely clear that God is the one in complete control. I am married to an absolutely gorgeous woman, and we have two beautiful and rambunctious boys, Isaac and Everett. Karlie and I met in high school began dating, fell in love and have been married since we were 19 years old. Karlie, our boys and I live in southern Georgia while I finish my time in the navy until we move back to Pittsburgh this winter. Our marriage is far from perfect, but God's grace is at work binding us together to understand more fully His covenant with us, and the covenant that we made with each other.