More About Our Contributors: 

All of our contributors at The 1646 (except "Our Friends": See Below) are faithful members of a Presbyterian denomination that uphold the essence of the doctrines upheld in the Westminster Confession of Faith. What do we mean by essence? Our contributors come from a variety of different Presbyterian denominations that have different exceptions which they allow for their presbyters (pastors and elders of a church). Since we wish to uphold spirit of brotherhood, The 1646 accepts on general principle the decisions that are upheld by the general assemblies, synods, presbyteries of recognized bible-believing, gospel-centered, and confessional Presbyterian denominations. With that said, The 1646 does allow for contributors outside of this tradition to submit articles for publication. We only ask that these contributors would respect our commitments while partnering with us under a broader vision of the gospel of Christ. Although we may have our disagreements, we would love your contributions on the basis that we are working together to bring the gospel to the nations!

More About Our Friends:

We at The 1646 also have contributors who may hold significant differences to the Westminster Confession of Faith who nevertheless are friends we would proudly call our brothers and sisters in Christ. We may not always agree in these differences but we wholeheartedly publish the work of our friends when it comes to the things that we do agree upon and are more than happy to see their work be a blessing to all of you who read The 1646!

Disclaimer About the Views of the Contributors:

Although The 1646 contributors uphold the Westminster standards, we recognize that the Westminster standards do allow for differences on the method of approach to discussing certain doctrines and/or differences in minor topics not mentioned in the doctrinal standards. We place this disclaimer to say that all the articles that are published are the opinions and arguments of the contributor and not necessarily of The 1646 as a whole. Although we do our best to produce posts that are in line with the essence of the doctrine we are committed to, not every piece of argument, method, etc. may be agreed upon by every contributor.


Our Contributors

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Derrick Brite

Hello, I became a Christian right before I turned 16 through the faithful ministry of my Baptist youth pastor. Soon after I converted I was given a copy of Desiring God by John Piper and that planted in me a love for God and theology. I often say that I wouldn't be a Presbyterian without the influence of two Baptists. I have been married to my wife, Ashton, since 2014 and we have a Blue Heeler named Loretta Lynn. I am currently an MDiv student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta. I love systematic theology, fountain pens, and the Florida Gators!

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Joe Deighton

My name is Joe Deighton. Currently, I am an MDiv. student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta. I'm a pastoral intern and and serve as the youth pastor at Old Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Duluth, Georgia. My philosophy of ministry can be summed up with the phrase, "Everybody needs the gospel, everyday." Whether you are already a believer in Jesus or an unbeliever, you need the gospel, everyday. The gospel can be defined in 2 Corinthians 5:21 "For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God." I pray this blog will be a help to you in your walk with God. 

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Alex Kim

Hello, my name is Alex Kim. I am currently a seminary student at RTS Atlanta and a pastoral intern at Open Door Community Church (PCA) in Alpharetta, GA. I found my home in Presbyterianism early in my Christian life after converting to the Lord Jesus during high school. I have found that nothing comes close to the love shown to us in Jesus' giving himself up to death for us, even death on a cross. I pray that you may find this love as well.




Nathan White

My name is Nathan White, or Nate to some of my family and friends. I was born and raised in Decatur, Alabama and have served Decatur Presbyterian (PCA) as the Pastoral Intern since January of 2017. I grew up in church, and heard the gospel from an early age. By God's grace, I repented and trusted Christ when I was still young. I am currently an MDiv student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta and I am pursuing ordination in the PCA. I married my wife, Rachael, who is also a Decatur native, in March of 2016.

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