Object Of Faith

"The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” And the Lord said, “If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you." - Luke 17:5-6

We are constantly trying to be greater, and become better and have more. The desire to be the best and have the best is reinforced in our culture, but only because it is something that is ingrained in our hearts. If I were willing to bet, I’d say that you have prayed for your faith to become greater, or be more abundant. I know I have, many times. But it isn’t the greatness, or the abundance of our faith that matters or what we should be praying for. It is the object of our faith that is of paramount importance, and what we should be constantly coming back to, and praying for. If we’re honest, we would say that we pray for greater and abundant faith because we recognize the true weakness of it, all the time. However, our Lord describes a small faith, that is capable of uprooting a tree and planting it in the ocean; only to say that impossible things can happen with a seemingly insignificant faith. How can this be?

Well this is good news for the Christian, because God doesn’t ground his blessings and peace on whether we summon a strong enough, or persistent enough faith. If this were the criteria, we would be once again, hopeless. Rather, it is looking to God’s greatness, and power, and persistence, and having faith in him, not ourselves. Faith in God, and not in faith produced by us, is the bedrock of calm and peace for our soul.


Nick Muyres

Hello everyone, my name is Nick. I have been a Christian for about 5 years, so while I am not one with a story of a young conversion, God saved me exactly when He pleased to. In recent years I have taken fully, and completely to reformed theology, being presbyterian, the Westminster standards, the historic confessions, the creeds and all that go with it! The veil of being the center of the universe, the gospel, and deciding factor of my salvation has been lifted, and it is absolutely clear that God is the one in complete control. I am married to an absolutely gorgeous woman, and we have two beautiful and rambunctious boys, Isaac and Everett. Karlie and I met in high school began dating, fell in love and have been married since we were 19 years old. Karlie, our boys and I live in southern Georgia while I finish my time in the navy until we move back to Pittsburgh this winter. Our marriage is far from perfect, but God's grace is at work binding us together to understand more fully His covenant with us, and the covenant that we made with each other.